StarCraft II's Ladder Gets A Massive Revamp

Illustration for article titled iStarCraft II/is Ladder Gets A Massive Revamp

Blizzard made some major changes to StarCraft II’s ladder system this week, adding tiers and new visual cues that will help players determine just how well they’re doing—and why they can’t get out of Silver.


The revamped ladder, which went live yesterday, will now display your Matchmaking Rating (MMR) as a number that goes up or down after every match. In other words, you’ll now be able to quantify just how good you are at competitive StarCraft.

Leagues will now have tiers that make it clearer when you’re closer to ranking up. You’ll also see a progress bar at the end of every match indicating how close you are to a promotion within your league or how many more points you need to rank up to a new league.


Here’s Blizzard’s David Kim talking about the new changes:

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is there a complete garbage tier where i can play other complete garbage tier players who have only one strategy and that’s to mass produce units and send them at our respective mishmash bases until we can see who is the king of the trash heap? because that’s the kind of online RTS i want to play.