Starcraft II's First Month Sales Are In

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Starcraft II sold a million copies in its first 24 hours on sale. Not bad, but not as great as the last new Blizzard game to be released. How'd it do, then, in its first month on sale?


Better. Blizzard just revealed that the real-time strategy smash has sold over three million copies worldwide since its release last month. For a PC (and Mac!) game in 2010, those numbers aren't good, they're great. Especially when you consider that, like almost every other game Blizzard has ever made, it'll likely still be registering sales ten years from now.




Let me demonstrate the ways:

Pissy Consumerist Example #1: Oh my GAWD, the game costs $60 that's too much to pay for a PC game!!!

Reason based rebuttal: Inflation happens. Get over it. Choose not to buy milk, movie tickets, gasoline, cigarettes. All of these items are reflective of both the increase cost to produce between today and ten years ago, as well as the value of the dollar/quid/yen/euro/currency. Top tier titles for PC's and consoles cost more to develop for today's gamers than they did when Starcraft 1 launched.

This is a stupid argument and it should die.

Pissy Consumerist Example #2: Oh my GAWD, the game's campaign is only 1/3 that of starcraft 1, I'm not playing full price for what I see as episodic content!!!

Reason based rebuttal: Did you pay full price for Final Fantasy 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, X, X-2, 11 (Plus expansions and monthly subscription fee), 12, and 13? Did you pay full price for Silent Hill 1, 2, 3 etc? Did you pay full price for Halo 1, 2, 3? Did you pay full price tickets to see the Matrix, then Reloaded, and Revolutions?

The point is, Starcraft 2 has a fully realized campaign, spanning 18-25 hours through one playthrough depending on how thorough you decide to play the game, and has a resolution worthy of your efforts. Throughout this lengthy campaign, you will rarely feel as if each mission is the same boring, trodge through template matches just to see a cutscene type gameplay that is so prevalent in the strategy genre. Each mission is slightly different and exciting. There are even things to do in between missions, that really round out the story to engage the player. There is plenty here to make an old yet proven formula feel new and exciting again.

There are also AI matches, Achievements, and challenges packed. Lastly, there is a multiplayer, which some will argue is the real reason to buy the game.

Part of the $60 will go to providing patches and support for the 6-10 years that Blizzard actively supports this title, much longer than many other of the AAA titles that are released are good today, bargain bin tomorrow.

This is a stupid argument and it should die.

Pissy Consumerist Example #3: Oh my GAWD, I am not giving my money to Activision / Blizzard, they are an evil greed driven corporation!!!

Reason based rebuttal: Think about this: anytime you watch a 20th Century Fox film in the theatre, you a providing a financial platform for douchebags like Glenn Beck to parade around the capital inciting Americans that our government sucks, clowns like him shouldn't be allowed to breath, let alone be on TV to spew politcal hogwash.

Do you realize that time when you picked up Elton John's last greatest hits CD, or the new one by Ludacris, or when tune into Rihanna on the local hip-hop station, you inadvertently provided the finacial means to make a no talent assclown like Justin Bieber famous?

Anytime you buy a microsoft product, or games which support the console, you are contributing to the problem of foxconn factory worker deaths? We are at 14 suicides due to poor working conditions, with more likely to come. Microsoft has sold up to 30 million Xbox 360's.

It's a video game made by a video game company, don't get tied up in the politics of who made what and what CEO A's profit margins are compared to CEO B. You didn't give a fuck about who made what game when you were 8 years old and buying games on NES, why give a fuck about it now?

This is a stupid argument and it should die.

There are other reason's why gamers will not buy this game. I understand personal reasons, such as I'm not a PC gamer, or I just don't do well with strategy games. I just wanted to debunk the ridiculous reasons that people come up with to justify bashing a game that really surpasses the hype and expectations surrounding it.