Having been out in the wild for almost a month now, Blizzard has decided that changes are in order for Starcraft II, and will soon be making a number of balance tweaks for the game's first major update.

Patch 1.1, due sometime next month, will make a number of alterations to the game's balance, including:

- Reducing the effectiveness of a "Zealot rush" when playing as/against the Protoss
- Reducing the effectiveness of Terran Reapers against the Zerg
- The power of the Terran Siege Tank will be reduced when in siege mode
- Terran Battlecruisers will be less powerful against ground units
- The Zerg Ultralisks have lost their "ram" attack, as it was proving in many instances to be less powerful than its regular attack.


There are also some minor adjustments being made to some build and cooldown times as well, along with a golbal rollout of the US hotkey layouts, including that for left-handers; for the complete list of changes due in 1.1, check out the official site.


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