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StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm Is 99% Complete

Illustration for article titled emStarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm/em Is 99% Complete

StarCraft II's next expansion doesn't have an official release date yet, but its creators say it's almost crossed the finish line.


Speaking to lead designer Dustin Browder in a phone interview this afternoon, I asked how close the team was to completing the game.

"We are 99% done," he told me, "but that last 1%'s a bitch."

The missions are all playable and the units are all in place, Browder said. "There's something in for everything—it's whether we like it or not that's an open question. It's the tuning and polish that really takes us a long time, and that's where we get into the unknowns.


"Like we could do a play-through next week that we're like, 'Wow this is really great.' Or we could do a play-through and we still have 250 items we wanna fix. You know, historically speaking we're doing pretty well. We're getting there. But I don't know for sure yet when we'll be done."

In other words, they're still on Blizzard Time. But at least they're almost done.

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InvadingDuck | Zachary D Long

OK. So I like RTSs, but I like to play ones that are not all about obliterating the other guy. I love Age of Empires because I can build elaborate wall and fort networks. I can win by being defensive and building a wonder or some other means of victory. On the other hand are games like Command and Conquer, where I am pretty much forced to blow up my opponent.

I've never played or had much interest in Starcraft 2, but my friend thought I'd like it. It seems like you win by military force. Are there other ways to achieve victory or is it a total military RTS?