StarCraft Hoodies Are Surprisingly Wearable

Illustration for article titled emStarCraft/em Hoodies Are Surprisingly Wearable

Given the game, I'd have put money on any official StarCraft hoodies looking something thrown out for free at trade events, not something people would pay good for money for.

Glad I didn't put money down, because these are OK! I mean, I wouldn't wear them out, but the way they're designed they look exactly like something Nike would charge you $120 for and tell you it was cross-training (though these cost around USD$80).

StarCraft 2 Hoodies [Jinx, via Fashionably Geek]

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Can't wait to get mine. The terran one looks sweet. Also anyone who think sc2 has been dying has no clue or simply likes to listen to a certain sc2 wash out.