StarCraft Fans Make Their Own Kick-Ass Cinematic Short

In 2010, a bunch of keen and talented StarCraft fans decided to make their own cinematic short based on Blizzard's blockbuster strategy franchise. It went down OK, so they've made another one.

It's called StarCraft: Final Metamorphosis, and instead of being a corny live-action clip or cheesy 2D animation, it copies the style of Blizzard's own cinematic sequences in fully-rendered 3D animation.

It runs for 7 minutes and 30 seconds, and covers "several scenes from the events occurring before and during the Brood War era". While the quality of the animation naturally isn't up to that of the official trailers, it's still damn impressive for a fan-made effort given the amount of time and effort required for over seven minutes of 3D animation.


StarCraft: Final Metamorphosis [Official Site]

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This is.... kick ass ? Meh. I like Blizzard's stuff better.