Star Wars Machinima A Clone Apart Returns, Reminds Us of Battlefront

What a wretched, wonderful fictional construct the Star Wars universe has become. While many people hate how George Lucas's fiddling continues to dilute the memories of the folks who love it most, the Skywalker saga remains a rich playground for all kinds of comedy or tragedy.

Three years ago, the crew at Illusive Entertainment created A Clone Apart, centered on the adventures of hapeless clone trooper Danson Delta-40. The series was on hiatus, but just came back with new episodes this week. I was skeptical about this trailer machinima at first, but the line about what happened to all the Jedi made me laugh. To go from thousands of Jedi to nearly none must seem weird if you're time-traveling.


A Clone Apart uses the Battlefront Engine to make its magic, which just reminds me that I'd really like to be fighting in a giant Star Wars battle.

A CLONE APART: Episode 05 is now online! [Illusive Entertainment]

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