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Star Wars KOTOR II Getting New, Player-Created Achievements

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Against all odds, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II, a decade-old game, keeps getting official updates.

After a big out-of-nowhere update a couple months ago that added snazzy modern features like Steam Workshop support, ultra-high resolutions, and cloud saves, the (best) Star Wars role-playing game is getting even more achievements. There’s a twist, though: publisher Aspyr got them all from fans. They started a Steam thread and received hundreds of suggestions. From those, they pulled 20 standouts. Here they are:

#1 I hate everything about you - Reduce a companion’s Influence to zero.

#2 Unlimited Power - Acquire all Dark Side Powers.

#3 I Am A Jedi - Acquire all Light Side Powers.

#4 Dancing Queen - Dance for Vogga.

#5 No Jedi can stop us - Kill all the Jedi masters.

#6 Over Achiever - Reach Player Level 30.

#7 Silent, But Deadly - Have 30 points in Stealth.

#8 Let’s Blow This Place! - Have 30 points in Demolitions.

#9 I’ve Seen How You Use a Hydrospanner - Have 30 points in Repair.

#10 We Have to Hack Into the Mainframe! - Have 30 points in Computer Use.

#11 Trust Me, I’m a Doctor - Have 30 points in Treat Injury.

#12 It’s a trap! - Get this by starting the “Trapped” Quest on Korriban.

#13 Hutt Oil - Convince Vogga the Hutt to sell fuel to Telos.

#14 Cheater - Convince the “champ” to lose the game without playing.

#15 Finders Keepers - Claim Darth Nihilus’ mask.

#16 The Sith Lord - Have your character replace any of the Sith Lords on the main menu screen.

#17 Breaking the Oath - Teach the Handmaiden the ways of the Force.

#18 You ARE the droid I’m looking for - Deduce G0-T0’s identity.

#19 Assassination Protocol: Active - Learn how to kill Jedi from HK-47.

#20 Cupid’s Rifle - Listen to HK-47’s definition of love.

A pretty solid list! These will be added to KOTOR II’s pre-existing 37 Steam achievements, bringing the total up to 57. The update is coming “soon.”


Gotta say, though, Aspyr passed up some great ones. I’ve been reading through the Steam thread, and I especially dig stuff like these suggestions from Steam user Hassat Hunter:

“Not a civilised age” - Don’t use any lightsabers in the game, ever.

“PI Jedi” - Solve the Batu Rem, Batono, Hold-out Blaster, Missing Telos Ithorian Droid and Dhagon Ghent cases.

“Their passion for droids defies me” - Sell T3-M4.

A few people also suggested an achievement for keeping your light side/dark side alignment neutral throughout the entire game. I’ve been meaning to try that for aaaaages. How are you gonna push my buttons now, Kreia? HUH? HUH? THAT’S WHAT I THOUGHT.


Sorry, sorry.

Tune into Kotaku soon for the adventures of The Gray Son, a Jedi with no lightsaber, ambitions, or strong feelings about either side of The Force—the least “Jedi” Jedi of them all. It’s sure to be riveting.


(Note: I probably won’t actually have time to do this, but maybe!)

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