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Yes, this is the child of Oggdo Bogdo. I mean, it makes sense. Star Wars loves to have all of its characters related to each other. So I’m not shocked that the toad you killed in the last game has a kid just lurking in a lair far from the planet where you fought its parent. It’s hardly the weirdest thing in Star Wars lore.


Like the younger toad’s parent, Spawn of Oggdo is a tricky fight, especially if you rush to find this creature the first time you visit Koboh. Like before, you’ll be low on healing stims and won’t have all the abilities and upgrades needed to easily kill this space amphibian. But if you can dodge all of its one-hit kill attacks and defeat it, you’ll unlock a nifty little cosmetic from the first game.

The return of Oggdo Bogdo

“Wait!” I hear you scream. “This article promised a boss returning from the first game, not the spawn of a previous boss.” That’s true. And you should be patient and yell less. I’m getting to that part. You see, once you defeat the spawn of Oggdo, you can head back to Doma’s shop near Greez’s saloon in town. When you enter you’ll notice a new Force tear thingy. These are rifts in the Force (or something) and upon touching them Cal will be tasked with a challenge that will test either his combat skills or platforming experience.


This particular rift in Doma’s shop leads to a new and challenging boss fight. If you decide to enter, be prepared for a very hard encounter and one which will likely kill you at least a few times if you aren’t properly leveled up or focused enough. Why? Well, waiting for you on the other side of this rift is Oggdo Bogdo and the Spawn of Ogdo.

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That’s right, both the kid and the parent are waiting for you and ready to kick your Jedi ass as many times as they can.


Just like before, these enemies hit hard and have a lot of health. And having to take out both of them at the same time is a truly tricky challenge. But it’s not impossible, and if you defeat them you can rest assured that you’ll never have to deal with either Oggdo Bogdo or its spawn ever again.

Well, until they likely return—probably alongside another member of this toad family—in the future Star Wars Jedi sequel. Like Luke Skywalker said at the start of this post, “No one’s ever really gone.” Not even a disgusting and hard-to-kill alien toad or its equally tough offspring.