“You seem to have bypassed certain story elements,” the message read. “Continuing to play from this point may encounter issues. If you choose to proceed anyway, loading any future Saves from the Title Screen will give you the option to reload prior to this point. Reload from last Save point?”


Below this text are two button prompts. One asks if you’d like to load from “the last good save” in which you’ll lose progress but avoid game-breaking issues, while the other says you can “continue in the broken state” even if that’s not recommended because “things” will likely be broken. Guess which one Anderson chose. “Of course, proceed anyway. Fuck you,” Anderson said during his May 2 livestream. Sure enough, Anderson wound up soft-locked—unable to progress further—because he seemingly skipped an ability required to continue the narrative. Then Survivor completely froze up, prompting him to force-quit the game to get it working again. So, thank goodness for Respawn’s kind inclusion of not just a warning, but a full save backup.

Kotaku reached out to Anderson, EA, and Respawn for comment.

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Undeterred, however, Anderson found several other places to perform similar sequence breaks while live on Twitch. Sequence breaks are nothing new for Metroidvania-style games, but for the developers to actually anticipate them and build in precautionary fallbacks to ensure the player doesn’t end up screwed? That’s pretty cool.