LEGO builder Marshall Banana spent a year planning and building this 7,500 piece replica of the latest version of Han Solo’s ride. It’s one of the most beautiful pieces of garbage I’ve ever seen.

The official LEGO set for The Force Awakens’ Falcon is 1.329 pieces, and it doesn’t look so hot.

The biggest official LEGO Star Wars model ever made is the Ultimate Collectors Series Falcon, which consists of more than 5,000 pieces and is currently available on Amazon for $6,000.


Marshall Banana’s version of the new Falcon (via The Brothers Brick) is bigger and better than both of them.

The nearly three-foot-long, 22 pound creation is bristling with small details. Not even the sides of the ship were skimped on.


And while other than a cockpit that seats four there isn’t much in the way of interior detail (he had to keep the weight down), Marshall Banana makes up for it in every other way possible, from guns and pipes to lighted engines.


Check out the good Marshall’s Flickr stream for more shots of the incredible Falcon, along with other wonderful LEGO creations (Cowboy Bebop for the win.)

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