Trials on Tatooine is an upcoming “virtual reality experience” for the Valve/HTC Vive. If ever a tech demo was going to sell expensive VR units, it may well be this one.

Made by ILM, it looks like a little guided tour kinda deal, where you’re dropped in the Star Wars universe, shown some sights, subjected to some familiar sounds and left to fight some bad guys.


As a VR game/experience, it looks a little...basic. But as a means of delivering the kind of immersive experience that 2015's Battlefront could not? It might be some good clean fun.

But wait. There’s more. While the above trailer sticks to Tatooine (and classic trilogy appearances), ILM also quietly uploaded this much longer video (bottom), which while sharing some of the sections above also has a lot more footage of folks like Boba Fett, C-3PO and BB-8.

Some highlights from ILM’s larger video.

Whether it’s all from the same game/experience, though, isn’t clear, since ILM mention that they’re working on multiple projects, not just for virtual reality, but for augmented reality as well.