The end of a match in multiplayer shooters is usually when players can look at stats and see how other people performed. In Star Wars Battlefront II, many matches end with a single player receiving recognition over and over again.

Battlefront II matches end by awarding different things to players, with categories including most valuable player, most kills, most assists, longst killstreak, and most objective points. It’s a system similar to Overwatch’s end game results screen, meant to recognize various accomplishments during a match. Maybe you didn’t get a ton of kills that round, but you nailed a bunch of head shots or you healed many teammates. The idea is to acknowledge a wide variety of play, but Battlefront II’s post-game awards screen isn’t working out like that.


In my time with Battlefront II, I would say 60% or more of my matches have ended with one player receiving nearly all the end game awards:


While this can be frustrating for players who feel they performed well during a match, mostly this is notable because it looks really silly. Seeing a whole flock of Kylo Rens or Yodas makes me giggle a bit every time.

This is happening to other Battlefront II players. On Reddit users are sharing stories of matches ending with a gaggle of Boba Fetts or Darth Vaders. And on Twitter you can find people sharing pics of Battlefront II screens containing a pack of Han Solos or Reys.


The reason why the screen fills with one player is pretty easy to spot: many of the achievements overlap. Most kills and longest killstreak have a high chance of being the same player. Whoever gets most kills also has a high chance of being the player with the highest score and the player with the highest score tends to be the MVP. Part of the problem is that Battlefront II doesn’t award enough score to players who are playing the objective. Kills are important for any shooter, but players who destroy or capture objectives should earn more points than they currently do.

Star Wars Battlefront II players are also confused about how the game decides the MVP. A popular post on the Battlefront II subreddit shows an MVP screen with a random Stormtrooper taking MVP with 7 assists. Nobody is quite sure how that qualifies for most valuable player, but sure, why not.


A potential way to fix this problem is by adding new awards to the post-game screen, like most vehicles destroyed, highest objective score, fewest deaths or highest accuracy.


Next to credit farming and AFK players, this probably doesn’t seem like a big deal. But for people playing this game, constantly seeing a single person take home all the gold takes the wind out of your sails after a great match.

Zach Zwiezen is a a writer living in Kansas City, Missouri. He has written for Gamecritics, Killscreen and Entertainment Fuse.

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