There are two ways to unlock stuff in Battlefront II. You could pay for it, which sucks, or you could build a sense of pride and accomplishment by constructing a robot to grind progression for you.

Lowberg has opted for the latter, whipping up this cute lil’ joke robot that obviously can’t play the game properly, but can do just enough to stop him getting booted for inactivity by occasionally jumping and moving the player around, thus picking up points just for participating.

Image: lowberg | As you can see, at that rate this is more useful as a “haha look at this” thing than a genuinely useful exploit.

It’s not a genuinely useful thing that’s actually going to get him hundreds of loot boxes (see above), but if he had a good book to read or some hoops to watch on another screen, this would at least be a good way to get two things done at once.