Star Wars: Battlefront II’s Battle of Scarif update has been delayed again. It was originally due out last month but got pushed back as the team started working from home. The update, which adds the new Scarif map and Galactic Civil War-era Supremacy fights, will now arrive later this month.

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I’ve been one of the lucky ones that’s been able to transition from going into the office to working from home during this whole... this-ness, and yeah, lemme tell you, it really does impact efficiency.

I mean, there’s some pluses. No commute, no feeling that someone’s looking over my shoulder, no line for the bathroom...

...but yeah, not everything’s perfectly smooth with it either. While the tech’s there to make it work, it’s not seamless, there are problems that get in the way. Meetings are clunkier and less effective, if there’s problems with the tech it’s not like IT can come to your desk anymore, and you’re always, always, always going to miss being able to just stand up and walk over to the person who has some info you need.

Basically, at best? It’s like working at 80% efficiency. It’s a lot better than 0... but yeah, as long as this is an issue, we’re going to see a lot more delays.