Star Wars 1313 Looks Absolutely Amazing

I don't know how it plays. I haven't played it! But the new Star Wars game, 1313, looks incredible.

This clip we've got here shows the PC version of the game, and while it looks cinematic, it's said to be entirely in-engine. Most of it being, clearly, gameplay footage.


No further info on release dates or platforms. Aside from PC. So if you think it might be a Durango/Orbis game, well, maybe you should keep on thinking that.

You can read more about the game, and see some art for the project, here.

Now all we need is for it to play as good as it looks. Or, you know, just not suck.

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Luke Plunkett

Yeah, audio is out, our head office team had some capture issues. We'll swap it out when a better vid turns up!