Cryptic continues to expound on the future history of Star Trek Online, updating their game time line with the year 2383, in which the Romulans continue to fall apart and the Klingons get increasingly pissed.

If you've not been keeping up with the Star Trek Online time line, Cryptic has been doing an excellent job in slowly building things up to 2409, filling in the details on what occurred between the last movie and the date of the game's setting. In the latest update, Romulan unrest continues to build with a string of rank shufflings and an assassination, 207 Klingons die in a Gorn attack, and Bajor is on the fast track towards Federation membership.

You should really check out all the updates so far in order to get a good overview of what's been going on in the Star Trek Universe. I've a feeling that once things hit 2409 I'll be chomping at the bit to get in on some of this action.

Path To 2409: 2384 [Star Trek Online]