Star Trek Online Free-to-Play Now Open To Everyone

Set your phasers on stupid Trek reference, as Cryptic's Star Trek Online opens its free-to-play docking bay and invites the world inside following a brief subscriber-only period. To see what players get for free, hit up the official Star Trek Online web page.


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"Set your phasers on stupid Trek reference"

Seems like Kotaku editors like to show their dislike for the Star Trek franchise every fucking chance they get.

Which is strange considering how monumentally influential ST has been on real life Earth — all with its positive outlooks for humanity and futuristic inventions that have manifested their way into our day to day lives (cellphones and iPads, anyone?). Even a goddamned real space shuttle was named Enterprise, FFS. Video game people usually eat that shit up joyfully. But no, somehow ST has become a joke to a seemingly intelligent generation.

And why the comparison to Star Wars from the commenters? Because it also has the word "Star" in the title? It takes place in space? It has space ships? Ray guns?

SW and ST have about as much in common as soup and a giant brick.

Does Star Trek lack the addition of a giant Dog-Human as a main side character? Is that the problem? Would that make it less campy and cheesy?

...Anyway, they fixed a lot of the annoyances with STO. The fact that it's 100% free makes it worth it. If you're a Star Trek fan, you will be pleased with some one the stories ("Episodes") the game has to offer. Someone of them are really good.