The big gameplay reveal of Cryptic's Star Trek Online is taking place this Sunday in Las Vegas, with a special guest appearance from Spock, who portrays Leonard Nimoy in real life. If you, like me, have spent several hours sitting in the corner curled up in a ball crying because you couldn't be there, dry those tears! The Star Trek Online website has updated today with info on the simultaneous live webcast of the event. It kicks off at 1:30 PM Pacific on Sunday afternoon, so you might want to pencil that stardate down on your...starcalendars?

Sure, it'll be in a small window and you won't be able to physically touch Mr. Spock, but think how much nicer your house smells compared to the event! Come to think of it, if I wanted to smell unwashed Trek fans I just wouldn't shower for a couple days. Bad smells are better when they're yours.

August 10 Webcast Info! [Star Trek Online]