Ah, Star Command. It was a pretty good mobile game, but the mobile game we got isn't what we were promised when the project was successfully backed on Kickstarter. That promised game is still coming, though, even if it's almost two years late.

Having promised to keep working on things following the mobile release, Star Command's devs have more than stuck with it, as not only are they bringing the existing version of the game to PC (a version that's long overdue), but turns out they've been working on a "new" Star Command game, called Star Command: Galaxies.

I say "new", but it looks a lot like a much fleshier version of the original, one that actually delivers a lot of the stuff backers were initially promised.

That means all kinds of more involved aspects like building your own ships and taking your crew on away missions to the surface of planets.


If autoplay doesn't work, you want to go to around the 38:00 mark in the video below to see some of the new stuff in action.

Galaxies is coming to PC, Mac and Linux.