MCV reports that Gem and Paramount Pictures are putting together two Xbox 360 Elite bundles to trumpet the DVD releases of Star Trek and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen in the United Kingdom.

UPDATE: These bundles are both UK-only Paramount says.

Each bundle comes with an Elite console and an extra controller. What it doesn't come with is an actual DVD — the "movie" part of the bundle is on a USB stick. Additionally, the Star Trek bundle includes 800 Microsoft points "to download Star Trek PDLC."


MCV also reports:

Pricing is not yet known, nor is the exact release date or price. it is assumed the packs will appear once the respective movies' DVDs are released, which are November 16th for Star Trek and November 30th for Transformers.

We've got a query in with a Paramount Pictures representative on whether or not the US might be getting one or both of the bundles. Mind you, Revenge of the Fallen is already out Stateside and Star Trek doesn't hit shelves 'til November 17. Which would you rather see in your living room?

New UK 360 bundles revealed [MCV]
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