Star Citizen Teases Racing, First-Person Shooting

Every time I think Chris Roberts' gorgeous crowdfunded space sim couldn't possibly get any better, the folks at Roberts Space Industries release teaser videos for things like spaceship racing and first-person shooter modules.


Most exciting for me is the upcoming racing module for Star Citizen, which adds what looks like planet-based competitive racing to the already extensive list of things to do in your pretty spaceship.

Kind of a Wipeout vibe going on there, which I really dig. Racing will be available in game version 0.9. As reader Sig Ra points out, you can catch a live -ish demo of racing in action over on Twitch.


Then there's this.

Yes, the space sim is adding first-person shooting. During his presentation at Gamescom this weekend, Chris Roberts named Illfonic as the studio working on this particular module, which we'll learn more about at PAX Australia this year. Shooter fans may remember Illfonic as the studio behind Nexuiz for the Xbox 360 and PC.

That's a lot of gameplay being packed into a single title. But wait, there's more!

New hangars!

And a commercial for the coolest damn ship I've yet seen for the game, the Constellation.


You can keep up with all the new reveals over at the official Star Citizen website. I swear this game is going to kill me.

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I'm basically ready to pack my stuff into my Constellation and live in Star Citizen when it releases.

All I need is a crew.