Star Citizen Shoots Up Expensive Spaceships Real Good

While we're still waiting to see how Star Citizen turns out as a whole, Chris Roberts and crew continue to prance out impressive bits of the ambitious crowd-funded space sim, like this lovely video of bits being blown off spaceships.


It's not just about flying spaceships about the universe, though I'd probably be just as happy if it were. Since we're going to be shooting at other spaceships, seeing the effects of those shots in real-time will be very nice.

The folks at Cloud Imperium Games go on and on about the damage system over at the game's website, talking about how the burns, dents and holes in players' hulls will tell their ships' stories. I love that sentiment. I also hope there will be repair depots so I can erase the bits of my ship's history I don't like.

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My brother keeps trying to get me interested in this game, so far as to buy me a ship for Christmas. The thing is though, the more stuff he shows me about it, the more I'm beginning to believe it to be the next Crysis, and that isn't good. It just seems like its going to require so much out of the player's computer that it will push people away because they can't get the optimal performance out of their rig or internet.