Mezmer Games has announced that their upcoming historically accurate real-time strategy game Stalin vs Martians is coming out a bit later than originally intended, in order to apply another layer of polish.

While the official announcement didn't say exactly when Stalin vs Martians, originally scheduled for release this week, would be available at a digital distribution venue near your internet, they did manage to narrow it down to later this month. Considering it's the 20th right now, there really isn't all that much later this month left.

"A dictator is never late, nor is he early. He arrives precisely when he means to," said Tom Söderlund, Executive Producer at Mezmer Games.


You can't argue with that logic. Well, you can argue with that logic, but it wouldn't argue back so there really isn't a point. Stalin vs Martians will be available sometime this month for $19.99. For now, we dance!

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