Stadia Is Getting A Pac-Man Battle Royale Game

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Screenshot: Bandai Namco

The battle royale train apparently hasn’t run out of steam yet, as now Pac-Man is jumping aboard. Pac-Man Mega Tunnel Battle is a spin-off of the classic arcade series in which players will try to survive an all-you-can-eat buffet of death.


Announced during a brief Stadia presentation today, the 64-player competitive game will be coming to first to Google’s video game streaming platform on November 17. There’s a free demo available on Stadia right now, but otherwise the game will be $20 when it comes out next month.

Here’s the trailer:

Players will each start off in their own maze but will have opportunities to invade one another’s mazes and grab power-ups as ghosts and other antagonists try to kill everyone. It’s not totally clear if eating each other will be an option. It better be. Update - 3:16 p.m., 10/22/21: It is!

The game is being developed by Heavy Iron Studios in collaboration with Bandai Namco, and one of the more interesting elements that will set Pac-Man Mega Tunnel Battle’s battle royale experience apart from other games is the audience interaction aspect. A spectator mode will let people watch matches and vote on which power-ups get doled out, no doubt in a bid to try and entice people to stream and watch the game.

During the presentation Stadia also announced that Hello Engineer, a multiplayer spin-off of creep simulator Hello Neighbor, will be a timed-exclusive on the platform arriving sometime in 2021. Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order will also finally be available to purchase on Stadia starting November 24, just over a year after it originally debuted.

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Are there even enough people playing games on Stadia to sustain a battle royale game?