Fans of EA's extreme snowboarding series were miffed that more homage wasn't paid to the Tricky era of the SSX franchise when this year's reboot came out a few weeks back. (All right, era may be pushing it since it was only one game…) No afros, no fireworks, no disco lights. "What the hell, EA?" went up the collective cry.


The wily publisher probably anticipated this all along, since it's been teasing a new DLC pack with tracks and outfits that harken back to the brightly colored SSX of old. Well, the launch date for the Mount Eddie add-on is revealed along with a glimpse at the explosive-accented gameplay in the trailer above. On May 1st, you'll be able to see fireworks when you pull off Ubers just like the good ol' days. No word on price yet, but expect the Mt. Eddie DLC to cost more than it should. Er, here's how much it'll all cost:

SSX Mt. Eddie & Classic Characters Bundle Pack - $7.99
SSX Classic Characters Pack - $5.99
SSX Mt. Eddie Pack - $5.99

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