SSX's Elise Gears Up For A January Release

The hottest thing about the new look for SSX snowboarding queen Elise Riggs' redesign is the fact that she actually looks like she's going snowboarding.

Four screens of the new Elise Riggs popped up today, following an event yesterday in which EA Sports nailed down a January 2012 release date for the next entry in its long-running snowboarding series. This is a brand-new Elise, decked head-to-toe in real snowboarding gear. She's never looked so appropriate before.


In contrast, check out her outfit for SSX Tricky in the gallery. Not only is she baring her midriff, which always struck me as a bad idea, she's wearing a top so thin you can see her physical reaction to the frigid temperatures through it. It was over-the-top and silly. That worked for me back then. This look works for me now.

*wipes at eyes* I grow up so fast.

SSX to descend in January 2012 [Joystiq]


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