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Square Would Like You To Celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Final Fantasy

Illustration for article titled Square Would Like You To Celebrate the 25th Anniversary of emFinal Fantasy/em

The 25th anniversary celebration for Final Fantasy will kick off in a couple of weeks, a few months short of the series' 24th anniversary, but, hey, no one ever said the numbering of anything Final Fantasy-related was logical.


The series that debuted in Japan in December 1987, will be celebrated in grand style in Tokyo on September 1 of this year and in America on August 31. That just might be the same day, thanks to the International Date Line, though it's not quite clear how synced up Square's big Japanese and American events will be.

We've got a big FF event happening some time on the 1st in Tokyo's Shibuya district. This event will include news on what's next for Final Fantasy XIII/XIII-2 heroine Lightning. And now we've got the following happening at the big PAX gaming convention in Seattle on the 31: an eight hour event, from 1pm PT in Seattle to 9pm at the ACT Theater (700 Union Street) that will include Final Fantasy games running on various systems from throughout series history, FF-related contests and, at 7:30 PM PT (that's 11:30 AM in Tokyo on the 1st), a "special video message" from FF producer Yoshinori Kitase, director Motomu Toriyama, and art director Isamu Kamikokuryo.


Square announced the PAX event today and also noted that there will be two FF-related concerts this fall: a 25th Anniversary Distant Worlds: The Celebration concert of Final Fantasy on Friday, December 7 at 8:00pm. at the Akoo Theatre in Chicago, Illinois... and the Final Fantasy XI: 10th Anniversary Concert on Saturday, September 22 at 8:00pm at the Zellerback Auditorium in Berkeley, California.

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"I do not like that they numerically numbered the online games."

Grow up. Final Fantasy VII had as much in common with Final Fantasy VIII as I did to III and III did to VI. I would have been fine had Final Fantasy Tactics been "Final Fantasy VIII" instead, but apparently to some adding the "number" is some element of...prestige, because, you know, there is absolutely -zero- divide over the Final Fantasy fanbase is to which titles are "great" or "terrible".

I now begin the article,

...Except when there is.

"Why the Final Fantasy fanbase has no idea what they're talking about: X-2 Edition"

"EVERYBODY UNANIMOUSLY AGREES THAT FINAL FANTASY IS CRAP PAST *insert opinion stated as fact numerical value*

People have too much riding on Nostalgia.

For people who have no concept or appreciation of the 80s era of role playing, I-III are completely barbaric. Even back for their time, they were not revolutionary anywhere outside of Japan, and even then, Dragon Quest was thoroughly wrecking its shit, not to mention only .

Doesn't help your thin-bridged argument only -one- of those titles saw a release Western side pre 1999.

So you have IV-VI. Once again, opinions vary here. IV is someone's favorite, V is someone's favorite, VI is someone's favorite, and its hardly ever unanimous they are all worthy of that title.

Some ponder why IV gets constant re-releases and DS updates while the other had one handheld port, and the who cares.


Oh, but then there's that one title. The one that made Final Fantasy what it is today. Surely, nobody in the world contests the popularity and reception of a major game! Haha, that would be stupid. This game never divided a fanbase. And Tactics certainly was massively popular and sold incredibly well (five years after the fact).

Then you get VIII-IX, these received the same critical praise as their predeccesor, "That Guy VII", except they didn't and opinions about a "series decline" vary.

Same with X, sold like hotcakes. Loved by everyone. And no one.

Oh, but that XI...Curse its MMO concepts! AND XII..not being..Turn Based...that's what holds this series together man!

And before I waste any more space going on about XIII or 1"4".0, or the at this point numerous side-games and spin offs that this series has no definitive "decline" or "peak".

I hope its dawning on even the most adverse fanbase the numbers on the end of the title should be the least important thing, and any sort of "quality decline" is simply your lame attempt at saluting your own pair of rose tinted goggles.