If bread that looks like, uh, bread isn’t enough for you, how about bread that looks like watermelon?

Throughout Asia, melons are very much a summer food. And in Taiwan, you can eat “Watermelon Toast.” According to Pouch, this colorful bread got its start at a Taiwanese establishment called Jimmy’s Bakery.

[Photo: vc]

Note how the packaging says “すいか” (suika), which is Japanese for watermelon.

The shape is seems inspired by Japan’s square watermelons.

[Photo: cherchicky]

The impetus, however, was apparently that kids might not have good appetites during the summer’s hot weather. But if bread was watermelon-shaped, children would want to eat it. Hell, I’m no kid, but I want to eat this.

[Photo: stop_0509]

The bread is made using powered green tea, strawberry, and bamboo charcoal. The vibrant colors really make this look like a summertime treat.

[Photo: Fanhcy]

[Photo: stop_0509]

Top photo: Fanhcy

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