Square Enix's Next 3DS RPG Draws From Final Fantasy V

The ridiculously titled Bravely Default: Flying Fairy will use a job system similar to Final Fantasy V, according to a report by Dengeki Online (as translated by Andriasang).

You'll get to use two types of abilities: Job Commands—active skills you can borrow from either your current job or one you've used before—and Support Abilities, which are passive skills like +10% HP or Cover. Those skills will be limited based on a "cost" system that sounds a lot like Final Fantasy IX.


Bravely Default will also have party skits not unlike the Tales games.

There's no word on a U.S. release for this 3DS role-playing game just yet, but it'll be out in Japan this October. Square Enix will likely give us localization news closer to then.

Bravely Default Gameplay Details: FFV-like Customization, and Party Chat [Andriasang]

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