Square Enix's Dual-Wielding Game Shooting Up a Japanese Arcade

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Gunslinger Stratos is an upcoming third-person shooter for Japanese arcades. The Square Enix title features four-on-four online combat that allows players to face off against others across Japan.


It is also dual wielding. Players can take their pistols and conjoin them to form new weapons. Check out gameplay in the above video. More details in Kotaku's previous coverage.


What's the point... It's not like America gonna have taste of this...

I hate the fact that the most richest country in the world happens to not have decent Arcade I really dying to play.

Where is Jubeat? Reflec Beat? Sound Voltex Booth? Idolmaster? Project Diva? beatmania? guitarfreak & drummania? All we got is DDR and lameass Guitar hero arcade shit..