Square Enix Will Do Its Best For Final Fantasy Dissidia Sequel

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PSP game Dissidia: Final Fantasy features a smorgasbord of Final Fantasy characters. The game was a hit! It sold over a million copies. Do you know what means?


It means that there will probably be another one! Square Enix has never been known to shy away from sequels, spin-offs and franchises. When asked about the inevitable Dissidia 2, Square Enix game designer Tetsuya Nomura replied, "I'll do my best for a sequel to Dissidia Final Fantasy!"

Okay, then!

Mini Interview: Final Fantasy Versus XIII's Development Progress [Final Fantasy-XIII.net]


It's easy to see where they can put in more heros for the Cosmos, but who would they add for Chaos? I mean, a few FF games work well with multiple villians (Seymore for X, Leon for II, and I suppose Kain could double as a hero or villain from IV).

I'd hate to see the number of characters limited by the number of appropriate fighters for the Chaos, but likewise, I'd hate to see pointless characters added to Chaos just to add balance to the number of Cosmos fighters.

Or maybe Square will throw the story out completely and just make what all the fans really want: An orgy of all the main characters from the series. That'd be fantastic.