Square Enix Wants To Sell Over Six Million Copies of FFXIII

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The last big game Square Enix released is Dragon Quest IX, which sold over 3.7 million copies in Japan alone. The next big game? Final Fantasy XIII. Square Enix hopes to sell more of that game, way more.


The previous title shipped over six million copies worldwide, reports Reuters. The target Square Enix is setting for upcoming role-playing-game FFXIII is over six million.

The company has shipped 4 million copies of DQIX and has targeted 5 million copies sold domestically of the game. "I think we will be able to do that this year," says Square Enix honcho Yoichi Wada.

スクエニが中国市場へ本格進出:現地パブリッシャーと提携を協議 [Kotaku Japan]


Rachel Fogg

Hmmm, XIII will sell, but I predict it selling...maybe 4 million.

See, XIII WOULD sell that many if it was simultaneously released. But the fact is that people will import the game, play it and the 'reviews' and spoilers will run like wildfire.

And if it's not positive, it could hurt...

I predict 4 million or 3 million at launch in Japan and maybe 2 million in the states. So I guess if you couple them together you'll get the 6 million you're looking for.

Including the PS3 bundle, probably another million on top so you'll get like 7 million.