Square Enix Wants More Games Like Heavy Rain

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Thriller Heavy Rain has a fan in Yoichi Wada, the guy who runs Square Enix. That company churns out Final Fantasy games. In a recent interview with game magazine Famitsu, Imperial Hot says he's recently played the thriller. His thoughts?


"It would be good if they made more games like Heavy Rain," said the exec about the game which is heavy on the quick time events.

Say, Square Enix makes games. They could make a game like Heavy Rain! And they could call it "Tumultuous Precipitation ~ Excelsior ~ Versus Partly Cloudy 30/351 Precipitation". Just imagine the zippers on the raincoats!


Square caters to the Japanese audience, I don't know why people don't get this.

They are a Japanese company that is focused on Japanese first. The rest of us come is second.

That's why all their characters are very stereotypical Japanese characters.

You want American like characters, look to a western company like Bioware or whoever made Heavy Rain.