Square Enix, Tear Down This Final Fantasy XIV and Give Us Final Fantasy XV

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In today's final and fantastic episode of Speak up on Kotaku, commenter Paradox Me has an absolutely brilliant idea for Square Enix: Trash the failed MMO and recycle its assets for a new single player Final Fantasy game.

Why is Final Fantasy XIV so goddamn pretty and why can't we get this style in a single player Final Fantasy? I'm tired of the futuristic stuff, Square.

Just can XIV already, give Naoki Yoshida's team the green light for a single player Final Fantasy XV (recycling XIV's art direction), have Akihiko Yoshida do the art/character designs, find yourselves a good writer (maybe work something out with Yasumi Matsuno/Level-5) and then pretend to be surprised when your game sells well and is received well by fans.


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Maybe I'm in the minority, but I want a classic FF game. Bring back the turn based fighting. Bring back the fantasy elements (guys with tails, dragons, etc) and for the love of god I want a world map and an airship.