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Square Enix Shows Real-Time Graphics Of The Future

Illustration for article titled Square Enix Shows Real-Time Graphics Of The Future
Screenshot: NVIDIA GeForce

Square Enix studio Luminous Productions has unveiled a new tech demo called “Back Stage” that shows how it uses ray-tracing tech. The demo is rendered in real-time. 


Luminous Productions was established last year and staffed with former Final Fantasy XV staff. The game’s director Hajime Tabata initially headed up the studio. He has since left Square Enix.

As Siliconera points out, this tech demo shows off next-gen possibilities for its in-house Luminous Engine. Here, the real-time ray tracing shows the character’s face and emotions reflected in a realistic way that simply isn’t possible in previous real-time rending tech.

This demo is a look at the real-time rendering of the future. 

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Jamie White

The problem with most of these tech demo’s is that we never really see this level of care and detail, probably due the amount of time it takes, actually put into a game. So it’s relatively useless. The idea of a tech demo as I understand it, is that this is tomorrows normal, but today’s special. As it is, we likely won’t see this level of detail and polish ever.