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Square Enix released a Star Ocean 5 teaser. has also published some official screenshots (here), which we’ve also added to our earlier report.


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I can’t help but get excited for a new Star Ocean game. I loved 1 and 2, I disliked 3 until the plot twist at the end (yes, I found that totally redeemed the absolutely boring as all hell basic fantasy plot up to that point. I know I’m apparently in the vast minority when it comes to liking SO3), but holy hot shit was SO4 bad in the plot department.

All I hope for, with this game, is that it’s not written by the same guy who wrote SO4. The ending made no sense (Crowe and Faize surviving makes no sense. How did Crowe go from the middle of nowhere space and survive a fall, through atmosphere, to land on a beach? Well, then again, black hole), the story in general kind of made no sense but Edge’s Hero BSOD was actually pretty decent character development in a game full of annoying caricatures (‘kay?).

I wonder if MP loss will knock my characters out again! Because that was just so fun! Sarcasm is the greatest!