Square Enix on Final Fantasy XIII Release: "Lord knows... That's Not True."

Square Enix has still only provided a rough release date for Final Fantasy XIII: Winter 2009. At the company's financial briefing, it was asked about the Final Fantasy XIII release.

Company honcho Yoichi Wada did stress that FFXIII sales were implied in the Square Enix financial forecasts. According to Japanese site Inside Games, when Wada was asked whether the PS3 version of Final Fantasy XIII will be released in this financial term, Wada reportedly replied, "Lord knows... That's not true." He then chuckled and added, "We'll do our best!"


Seems like a rather off-handed remark, so we're not sure how much to read into it. Though, Square Enix has had difficulty getting its big titles out on time...

『DQ9』『FF13』の発売日はどうなる・・・? スクエニ決算説明会 [Inside Games]

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*facepalm* I have officially lost any faith I had left in Square Enix. Congratulations, Yoichi Wada, in just five years you've managed to single-handedly destroy my childhood idol. Nice work.

Imperial Hot, my ass.