The game company behind Final Fantasy just released hi-res assets so people can make their own silly FFXV Photoshops. Thanks, Square Enix!

As previously reported, it became a thing online for people to grab Final Fantasy XV screens and rework them for internet fun under the hashtag #FF15クソコラグランプリ (The FF15 Shitty Photoshop Gran Prix).

When recently asked about them, FFXV producer Hajime Tabata certainly seemed amused by the Photoshops, but noted people were using low-res images from the game. So now via Twitter, Square Enix actually released hi-res versions.


"If people are going to have fun regardless, then we want them do so with the best looking images possible," said Tabata in a recent Final Fantasy YouTube stream. "I also thought it would be fun mixing and matching these screens with various images." Tabata, who seemed amused by the whole thing, even said the FFXV team would be checking out the creations online.

People are already making more new 'shops with these templates, posting them under #FF15クソコラグランプリ or #ffxvcolla. Also feel free to post your creations in the comments below.


Cool to see Square Enix have a sense of humor about this kind of fandom.

[Photo: michishio_not]


[Photo: shingold]

[Photo: pizzakan2525]


[Photo: miyabizon]

[Photo: kuu_wanko]


[Photo: robostrike]

[Photo: yuji_i9029]


[Photo: ARtanthada]

[Photo: makinami250]

お配りしますクポォその1その2その3 [FF25TH_JP]

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