Square Enix Fire Some People

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It's already been announced that the severance payouts to Taito employees has drained money from parent company Square Enix. Those were the only cuts Square Enix has made post Eidos-buyout.

"There's an ongoing process of reshuffling people, but that's not something we do just because of integration," Square Enix president Yoichi Wada explained to website GamesIndustry. "As an ongoing process that's taking place all across the organization looking at all of our foot prints — Square Enix Tokyo, Taito and ex-Eidos offices, have seen about 10 per cent reduction of headcount globally."


Previously, we floated the rumor that Square Enix Japan has reduced its workforce by somewhere between 200 and 300 workers.

Wada describes the integration of new developer Eidos in the Square Enix corporate framework as "smooth" — smooth being a relative term and certainly not referring to those who have suddenly found themselves redundant.

Square Enix: Global headcount reduction around 10% // News [GI]

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Ahem. your headline is wrong. Should be:

Square Enix Firaga Some People #business