Square Enix: Don't Send Us Valentine's Chocolate Because Covid-19

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Each year, fans send Valentine chocolates to Square Enix. Some are addressed to characters while others are for the game creators. It’s a way to say thanks. But this year, Square Enix is asking for fans to refrain.

As Jiji reports, Square Enix posted a notice on its official site, citing the state of emergency in Japan and the novel coronavirus pandemic as the reason why the Tokyo-based game company asked fans not to send Valentine’s presents.

This tradition isn’t unique to Square Enix: game companies, anime makers, and manga publishers all get Valentine’s presents. For example, in the past manga publisher Shueisha received boxes and boxes of gifts for characters in The Prince of Tennis.

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...couldn’t they just quarantine it all in a broom closet for a week or two and it wouldn’t matter? 🤔