Square Enix Cuts European Jobs

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'Tis the season to be...unemployed, sadly, with Square Enix announcing today that job cuts are on the way for the company's London studio.


That's Beautiful Game Studios, the developers of the Championship Manager series. A Square Enix statement reads "Our current business model does not allow us to compete in a fast-changing industry with any degree of flexibility or commercial confidence".

"To achieve this, we will be restructuring Beautiful Game Studios, which will regrettably bring with it unavoidable job losses."


Ironically, 2009 was the first year since the great Football Manager/Champ Manager split that Square Enix's series (well, it used to be Eidos' series) actually stood up to the might of Sega's superior game.

Square say that both the developer and the series will live on, but how strongly BGS will be able to compete next year after job cuts and a thinly-veiled public vote of no-confidence from Square Enix is anyone's guess.

Cuts hit Champ Man studio [Develop]

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Always depressing to see people lose their jobs in this economy, but at the same time, the studio does make soccer manager sims...I can't imagine the market for those games is extremely huge these days. As sad as it is, it makes sense that a division like this would be the first section to see losses.