Square Enix Brings Hammer Down On French Retailer

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Like Nintendo, Square Enix take their intellectual property ownership seriously. So seriously that the Japanese publisher is taking legal action against a single French retailer, accused of selling pirated Square merchandise.


The company, going by the name la société SAKURA, operates both a store in Paris and an online outlet, both of which specialise in Anime/Manga/Japanese gaming merchandise. The basis of the lawsuit is that Square "denounces SAKURA for the commercialization of products counterfeiting Square Enix's FINAL FANTASY and FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST trademarks and copyrights to the FINAL FANTASY series".

Which is all well and good! Square rightfully own the IP, and that pirated junk is no good for anybody. But you've got to wonder, why go after a single French retailer instead of the people manufacturing and distributing the goods in the first place?

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It's called venting.

Because when it comes to manufacturing and distributing, odds are it's chinese. And in China, Square Enix lawsuits are jokes.