Square Enix Attempts To Explain Low Western Reviews

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Reviews and reactions for Final Fantasy XIII have been mixed. Some love it. Some don't. But Final Fantasy XIII director Motomu Toriyama claims to know why Western critics might not dig the game.


"We think many reviewers are looking at Final Fantasy XIII from a western point of view," says Toriyama in a recent issue of Xbox World 360. "When you look at most Western RPGs, they just dump you in a big open world, and let you do whatever you like..." Toriyama adds that it "becomes very difficult to tell a compelling story when you're given that much freedom".

Does that mean when Western critics like Final Fantasy titles, that they are looking at the game from a Japanese point of voice? Perhaps, you know, those critics just didn't like the game? Maybe they liked other Final Fantasy titles and just felt that XIII was not for them.

It should be noted that Japanese game magazine Famitsu pointed out that FFXIII's linear structure, too.

There is nothing wrong with a critic liking or disliking a game. Their opinion does not change the game itself, but rather, only the perception of it. The longstanding heavy reliance on review scores in video games has created this false feeling of validation.

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Rachel Fogg

Goddamnit....didn't I JUST say to keep your mouth up SE? Didn't I?

Geez, I've been keeping a record on the fail of this launch. To when it began to now...starting in E3 08. Because that's where it REALLY began.

1-Making it multiplatform, if it was for ONE system, we wouldn't have too many problems. I don't care if it was 360 OR PS3 only...simply because EVENTUALLY one of the systems would get it later...

2-Lightning ISN'T the main character, yet her ass is on EVERYTHING...a chance of a strong non mage female character...gone. Oh and yeah, SE was going for a VI scenario...nah, VI was FOCUSED.

3- Not keeping your 'Worldwide Release' date, this...right here is the center of the fail, I knew if it came out in Japan FIRST whatever 'bad' from that game would run rampant online....and so it has came to pass.

4-Lo and behold the super linearity, no towns and barely any control of your characters. Listen, many people would bitch and complain about why this ISN'T important....let me tell you, when games like LO and WKC HAVE TOWNS on HD consoles and you know SE is CAPABLE of pushing the graphics...and they gave us XIII...yeah, you be pissed.

5-Hey, let's cut content....oh and let us say that to the INTERNET! Even if it was just ideas, DON'T SAY A DAMN THING. And then don't say..

6-Hints of DLC...thus implying to the quick to temper internet into THINKING that you butchered XIII so to make DLC. And finally...don't say..

7-Nah, there are no plans for DLC...WTF? Now people are feeling whatever could've made better WITH DLC will now never see it? :facepalm:

8-NO COMPARISON SHOTS...don't feed the troll SE, especially when you can't keep tabs of your own crew...and they PHOTOSHOP images.

9-And finally, this...you do this SE, you attempt to explain the bad/low reviews for this game.

My GOD SE, have you given up on this game? You've done just about every goddamn thing to sabotage it.

Now, in your defense, ME and it's ilk are the darlings of the moments...simply because they are very GOOD GAMES. It has very little to do with whether I like WRPGs, (I played DA:O for the first time yesterday...I gotta admit, I might have to pick it up after WKC..) the fact is that those games excelled at what they wanted to accomplish. As for JRPGs, the only ones that received some bit of acclaim were LO, VC and Demon Souls....every other JRPG out there has been met with mediocre anticipation.

SE, if you have confidence in this iteration of FF, you wouldn't have to keep opening your mouth and having your foot shoved in it EVERY. FUCKING. TIME. I know it's lackluster, hell, I played it, but with every fumble about this game potential buyers are getting wary..

It's not a West or East thing, it's a QUALITY thing...sparkly graphics could've saved you back in 06, 07 or 08...but there were too many high quality games that came out with great graphics, gameplay and story that the excuse of 'Western eyes' no longer matter.

Gah, as a PS3 owner who's been shat upon by SE I should revel in you failings this gen, but I find it harder to enjoy them...now it's just embarrassment and a little bit of saddness...

These are simply my opinions....