Square Enix Announces Two More Final Fantasy VII Games

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Image: Square Enix

Just after wrapping up Sony’s media show this evening with some Final Fantasy VII x PS5 news, Square Enix announced that there are two more Final Fantasy games coming, both based on the Final Fantasy VII universe.


First up is Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier, which is a “battle royale game set in Midgar before the events of FFVII, and due for iOS and Android:

The second, and stop me if we’ve been here before, is Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis, a pocket-sized game that’s basically a scaled-down remake of Final Fantasy VII in the same way Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition was for the last release.

It’s for mobile too, but if you wanted to put money on Square finding a way to get a new Final Fantasy VII adventure on the Switch when they can’t just port the fancy remake, this is where you put it.

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a Final Fantasy Battle Royale is the weirdest thing I didn’t think I was gonna see today.

Ever Crisis I see massive appeal to if it’s basically just a remake of FFVII (mechanics intact) with higher fidelity visuals, which is what a lot of people were asking for. I actually really dig the style for that as well.

I’m a little confused by that one since it seems to imply Before Crisis and Dirge of Cerberus are getting the same visual treatment, along with the entirety of FFVII instead of just the parts the remake covered? It being on mobile is a bit of a letdown.