Square Enix: 360 Easier To Program For Than PS3

Square Enix used to make games for Nintendo consoles. Then Sony consoles. Now they make games for all consoles. Which begs the question: which one's easiest to program for?

Last Remnant developer Hiroshi Takai knows. Weighing in on the tired old "360 vs PS3" thing, Takai knows which of the two consoles he'd rather be developing games for:

It's been the team's first time working with Xbox 360 and the Unreal Engine. In both cases the experience has been a positive one. In fact, as we've only just finished work on Last Remnant I don't even know what my next project is going to be at Square Enix. However, I'm very much hoping it'll be for Xbox 360 as it's been a lot easier to work with than PlayStation 3.


Square Enix: 360 easier to work with [CVG]

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