Squad, A Big PC Shooter, Is Out After Six Years In Early Access

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Well, this is nice to see: Squad, a PC shooter made by the same team behind the excellent Battlefield 2 mod Project Reality, has finally been released after spending six years getting better in Early Access.


If you’ve played Battlefield and ArmA, Squad sits very comfortably in the space between both, with the latter’s scale married to the former’s speed and (relative) accessibility. If you’ve never played ArmA, it’s a very plodding and serious military simulation series that features enormous maps and lots of downtime, so think of Squad as that, only with a lot of the fat trimmed.

I played it a while back, before it had as many vehicles, and found it pretty cool. As someone who’s probably their exact target market—someone who feels Battlefield is a bit too disposable and ArmA a bit too slow—I’m pretty excited to drop back in now and see how it’s looking at release.

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Faux Bravo

This looks awesome. I kinda wanna check it out. Overwatch aside, though, I hesitate to play team-based shooters because I always feel like dead weight.

RIP to all my teammates during my brief stints in Warzone and Apex Legends. I can’t help my janky FPS ability.