Capcom's cyborg secret agent game is now hitting stores a week earlier than anticipated, and the company celebrates with the release of the first cheese-flavored animated webisode for Spyborgs.

In a season full of delays, Capcom pushes up a game for a change, moving Spyborgs' release date from September 29th to September 22nd. Capcom punctuates this happy news with the release of the first episode of the Spyborgs animated web series, and my goodness is it oozing with cheese. This is hammy cartoon voice acting at its best right here, with overly dramatic enunciation almost unavoidable when delivering lines like "I eat bots for breakfast," "Boom baby," and "Time to kick bot, partner!" If this was done intentionally, then it's brilliant! If it wasn't, we'll just pretend it was.


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