To: Bash
From: Owen
Re: Tristan Vs. Zombies

Time was, forgetting to adjust your clock back to standard time was like finding an old $20 bill the first time you put on your winter coat in November. You'd wake up, something wouldn't feel right, and remember you had an extra hour of the most blissful slumber awaiting you.

Nowadays, the process is almost fully automated. My computer gets its time from a server. My mobile phone gets it from the network. The cable box from the provider. I even have an alarm clock, though it only cost $10, that has an automatic DST feature.


So when I woke up this morning and shambled into the study to begin work, I sat down at the computer, something didn't feel right and I thought, wait! I've got an extra hour to sleep! On my way back to bed I sat down, picked up the alarm to set it, and realized its time was the same as the computer's. And the cable box. And the cell phone.

Technology's onward march delivers one more convenience, and robs us of one of the simpler, sillier pleasures in life.

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