Spot What's Wrong With This Japanese TV Screenshot

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Akira Ikegami often appears on Japanese TV to explain difficult news topics or discuss history. He’s incredibly famous and has been on TV for decades. Earlier this week, he discussed French history. People noticed something off.


On the recently aired Akira Ikegami Walks Through Modern History, he introduced Liberty Leading the People.

In Japanese, the text at the bottom of the screenshot reads: “Delacroix Liberty Leading the People.” The top right text states how he is going to see remnants of the French Revolution in today’s Paris. During the show he strolled around Paris, discussing many historical sites.


But commenters on Japanese bulletin board 2ch quickly noticed something in the painting. Can you spot it?

The show has since apologized for the error.

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There’s a guy that kinda looks out of place, but he’s standing in the crowd so he’s probably supposed to be there.